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Greetings!  Robert is a business owner who is passionate for healthy living.

Robert is from Statesboro, Georgia and has his Bachelor’s degree in recreation.  He spent most of his career in hotel management, where he brings his management, customer service and corporate skills to the table.  You will see him at the store, with a cheerful greeting and lots of stories!  In his spare time, Robert loves to travel and spend time with family.

Utilizing every available resource, Healthy Organic Drinks opened in 2013.  Countless hours were spent renovating the space and it’s been a rewarding labor of love.  The combination of education, experience and passion for healthy living inspired me to fulfill the mission.  To serve the San Antonio and surrounding areas with fresh, pressed raw juice to create a healthier community.

We welcome you to our store and we hope you love our juice as much as we do.  The vision is to continue growing and expanding across the city and beyond, spreading joy and good health to all.  As always, Happy Juicing and we look forward to seeing you soon!

Robert would also like to personally thank Lisa Archer for being the original visionary in creating Healthy Organic Drinks.

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