We utilize a cold press for our juice because there is no heat created in the process. This ensures retention of all the wonderful plant nutrition.  The produce is ground. Then, it’s pressed between two plates extracting the maximum juice.
We use our hydraulic cold press because it has the best yield and therefore greater vitamin and mineral extraction for absorption.  Almost all of the pulp is pressed out which means less oxygen. This result is longer lasting, more nutritionally dense juice.  Pulp contains air and when it is left in the juice, it oxidizes quickly.
There are no additives in our juice. Therefore, there will be a natural separation.  Give your juice a good shake and enjoy!  We always use fresh produce, which depending on growing seasons, means there are natural color differences from time to time.
No way!  The sweetness is coming from the fruit itself.  We don’t dilute, add to or adulterate our juice in any way.
We obtain the majority of our produce from B. Catalini, a local, family owned produce company that’s been in business for 100 years!  They source locally when available, and outsource when it isn’t.  All their produce is certified and guaranteed to be of the highest quality.
The health department requires this label on any unpasteurized product.  We soak all our produce in an apple cider vinegar solution for 10 minutes, then in a fresh water bath two more times before juicing.
As a supplement to your current diet, yes!  We don’t recommend doing a complete juice cleanse only, as the calorie requirements during pregnancy and nursing are higher than usual.
Yes. There are many sources of protein other than animal sources.  You will obtain the most protein from our green juices, and our nut milks. Amino acids are the building blocks of protein, and amino acids are in everything!  We also offer whey and hemp protein that can be added to any juice.
There is no one way to drink juice.  You can sip it, or chug it, whatever you prefer!  Each 16 ounce juice contains 4 to 6 servings of fruits and veggies.  You can use a juice as a meal substitute or a healthy addition to your meal.  It takes almost 2 pounds of produce to create one 16 ounce juice.  The average person could not consume this much, making this a superior way to get the nutrition into the body.
We include basic instructions with your juice cleanse.  It’s up to you!  Some people do it with 100{b6ef23ca82628db8d7a82b2b6740444a87ae0611bc4895e226b80df571ffafac} juice only, whereas some people may have one healthy meal in addition to the juice.  A cleanse is a time to rest the digestive tract, enabling the body to focus on healing itself.  Drink lots of fresh water too!
Growing children should not do a juice-only cleanse.  However, cold pressed juice is a better alternative to sodas and an excellent source of nutrition as an addition to their diets.
Beets will add a reddish, purplish color to your stool. Sometimes, even urine.  This is natural.
We use a BPA free, PET #1 plastic bottle.  This type of plastic does not leach into the juice.  After much research into this subject, we learned the secret to keep any plastic from leaching is, DON’T HEAT ANYTHING IN PLASTIC.  Our juice is fresh and cold.  Don’t leave your juice sitting in a hot car for hours, as this will lead to quicker spoilage.
Actually plastic is the better choice at this time.  The PET plastic is the most desired for recycling, and glass weighs nine times more than plastic, which means less fuel is used to deliver the bottles, reducing emissions into the environment.